Clod-Buster FAQ

The Clod-Buster is a first-of-its-kind portable topsoil screener from Burly Attachments. Since the Clod-Buster breaks new ground (pun-intend), people have questions — and we have the answers.

How much does the Clod-Buster weigh?

The Clod-Buster weighs 1,300 pounds.

How does the Clod-Buster work?

Great Question! Learn more right here.

What types of skid loaders are compatible with the Clod-Buster?

The Clod-Buster is designed to be used by medium and large skid loaders. Contact us for specific skid loader requirements.

How many tons of topsoil can the Clod-Buster screen per hour?

The Clod-Buster can screen 50 tons of topsoil per hour.

Is the Clod-Buster better equipped to handle dry or wet soil?

The Clod-Buster is designed for — and performs the best — when working with dry topsoil.

Is the Clod-Buster made in America?

Of course! The Clod-Buster is manufactured in America, right in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Interested in bringing the Clod-Buster to every jobsite you work? You can. We’re performing Clod-Buster demonstrations and shipping the units nationwide. The best way to know what the Clod-Buster is all about is to see it in action!

To start a conversation about what the Clod-Buster can do for you, get a quote, and order today!

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