Topsoil Screening Attachment for Skid Steers

The Clod-Buster is a one-of-a-kind, self-cleaning portable topsoil screener that can change the way you work — saving you serious time and money. As the name suggests, the Clod-Buster breaks up tough dirt clods and separates rocks from unfiltered topsoil, leaving you with nothing but high-quality screened topsoil.

The Burly Attachments team wanted to build the toughest and most effective bucket screener on the market. To accomplish that, we ran a battery of field and workshop tests, ensuring that our machine would exceed the highest expectations. The result? The topsoil screener can stifle 50 tons of dirt per hour — easily.

We’re shipping the Clod-Buster nationwide — learn more and place your order today!

How It Works

Easy to Use with Quick Results

Attaching to the front of a medium to large-sized skid loader, this 1,300 pound piece of equipment can follow your crew to almost any jobsite.  This provides you a consistent supply of screened topsoil right where you want it and when you want it.

Filtering soil with the Clod-Buster is as simple and straightforward as using any skidsteer.  To operate this bucket screener, grab a scoopful of soil, then drop the military-grade steel filter over the scoop. The filter crushes the large clumps of dirt and separates the rocks, leaving you with a premium load of filtered topsoil… fast!

Whether you work as a landscaper, an excavator, or a rental company manager, you know the value of screened topsoil. Here’s why you and your industry peers are going to love the Clod-Buster.

Clod-Buster closeup

An Investment You Need

The Clod-Buster translates to big-time savings for you and your company. Depending on your industry, your needs for quality filtered topsoil vary. Whether you get it from a garden center or directly from the commercial topsoil screener, you know it isn’t cheap. Without the Clod-Buster, you’re dependent on paying a premium price for that filtered topsoil. When you buy the Clod-Buster, you pay a one-time price and take care of your topsoil needs forever. The more topsoil you screen, the faster the unit pays for itself.

No More Waiting

When you’re on a job and you need filtered topsoil, you make a call or two and then… you wait.

Without the Clod-Buster, you’re dependent on suppliers and stationary soil screeners to provide the high-quality topsoil you need. Whether they deliver or you have to pick it up yourself, you’re completely dependent on their supply and their timetable. When you make the Clod-Buster part of your inventory, you ALWAYS have access to the filtered topsoil you need.

Clod-Buster sifting topsoil

Clod-Buster dumping dirt

Don’t Delay, Order Now

Interested in making this advanced bucket screener a permanent part of your arsenal? We’re offering Clod-Buster demonstrations and shipping the units nationwide. The Clod-Buster is 100% American-made, built in the Burly Attachments workshop in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Buy or Rent your very own Clod-Buster today!

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